1. 2/1/2013

    Not afraid, just not a believer. Just give me a balanced diet and my body will sort it out. What’s the real benefit to it? I’ve read a few things about toxins and such, but wondering why you did it.

    • 2/1/2013

      I thought it would be good to give my body a rest for three days and get more in touch with my body. Cutting out caffeine and sugar has already made a big impact as I’m not craving them (which is a HUGE shift for me!)

  2. What a nice story! I just went through a 7-day juice fast with my wife a little over a week ago, and it definitely is a transformative experience. I learned a lot during our fast, but thanks for the links; they will help me study a bit more for next time.

    Do you plan to do a juice cleanse again in the future?

    • 2/13/2013

      Matt, absolutely. I have a friend who does cleanses once a quarter, which I may do. I definitely feel so much better and healthier, so I will make sure to do this cleanse at least 1x/year! Thanks for coming by. I’m so glad you and your wife enjoyed doing your cleanse!

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