1. 2/7/2013

    As much as I love sweet potatoes I never would’ve thought to add them to a smoothie, but now that you’ve spelled it out I feel like I’ve been missing something that should’ve been obvious in its awesomeness! Thank you, Brooke. :)

    Have you traveled with this at all? if so, does it hold up for a half hour or so? I ask because being able to bring a smoothie to work would simple things up immensely, but I respect emulsifications and don’t want to do anything foolhardy.

    • 2/7/2013

      I haven’t traveled with this drink. Will you tell me what happens?!

  2. 2/7/2013

    I use sweet potatoes to make a fabulous latte with warm milk and vanilla. Never thought about using them in a cold drink but why not? Thanks for the great idea.

    • 2/7/2013

      Thanks Amy! That Latte sounds amazing!! I want to try to make that, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’ve been playing around with so many smoothie flavors lately and I feel like kicking myself for never thinking of sweet potato! I bet it’s fantastic- thank you so much for the idea and the recipe, I’m definitely digging into this sometime during the week. Smoothies are so handy for crazy busy mornings, right?

    • 2/13/2013

      Ruthy, Honestly, I don’t think I would have every thought of sweet potato had I not had a roasted one in the fridge and I was low on ingredients! But it just makes sense, no? I love this smoothie and love making my breakfast in a glass!

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  5. Danielle Bergh

    I came across your website while doing some research for a juice bar we are opening in mid-August. We are considering hiring someone to assist us with the initial juice recipes. We are doing only cold-pressed, organic juices to start. May move into a few raw shakes down the road. We currently have 12 juices, 2 almond milks, 2 elixir shots and 3 kids juices. While we all juice on a regular basis we do realize the breakdown of ingredients and quantities that go into each juice could become quite a time-consuming task to perfect. Is this something you have experience with? Would love to learn more about what you do.

    Thank you,

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