1. María Arguello

    True…, “there’s always, an eye watching..” I am exactly as you are. Thank you for writing this. Makes me be more humble and keep serving. Have a beautiful day! I live in San Diego. Would love to meet you some day!

  2. Sometimes, it takes a lot for me to get over being ignored, because I seldom am.

    At every table I wait upon, I see myself as a co-host to my guests’ dinner. I am the one who makes everything happen. I am the one who does a good portion of the entertaining. I’m often included in the hugging, hand shaking, and thanking as they make their way out of the restaurant.

    But not always. Sometimes, there are people who don’t seem to care at all about my presence, except when they want a drink, to order their food, or to pay their bill. It’s those rare times when I have to collect myself, dial back the “personality” and become invisible.

    It took years for me not to take that personally. But now I don’t. I do the best I can with the people I am given. And if that means I must be pliant and silent, I am. I know it has nothing to do with me and has everything to do with supplying the service those individuals need.

    Then I remember that they will be out of my life in two to three hours, smile to myself, and go chat with the other guests– the ones who actually enjoy my presence.

    • Maria Arguello

      I feel you.., any kind of work you do.., it is all about serving other people and having that connection! I wish you ALL the best Michael! You are doing the right thing! Keep up the great work you are doing. Some people actually “feel..” you are present. All my best!

  3. 5/13/2014

    Such a great post and such lovely insight …. Being of and in service can sometimes be the most challenging and at the same time rewarding work. Love this and hope you make it to the Big Harvest Potluck…

  4. 5/14/2014

    Such a lovely written piece on intent, service, and detachment. One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is to have an intent (serving others, etc.) and detaching from the outcome. The ego loves to get in the way of letting us live in the present moment.

  5. 5/14/2014

    Brooke, there’s so much beauty and wisdom and raw honesty here, and I’m grateful you’ve shared it far and wide. Too often, we (and I include myself in this) diners or recipients of others’ service fail to appreciate the hard work and dedication to craft of those like you who work to keep us comfortable, fed, and satisfied. Seeing all that goes into it (the emotional fortitude, the steeling of nerves, the decision to dedicate oneself to others) gives me such a huge appreciation for that hard work.

    I also enjoyed reading Michael’s thoughts above, as they illustrate how individual (and therefore variable) these types of service approaches can be.

    Please keep doing what you do. You do it beautifully.

    • 5/14/2014

      It’s true. Everyone has their own approach to service. Some see it as a way to pay the bills, a craft, or a spiritual practice. Applying my craft in front of my peers in an environment designed for creative vulnerability brought my service to another level. This experience proved to me that serving a roomful of strangers is far easier on the ego than being of service to a roomful of creative peers. Not because of what they expected of me, but what I expected of myself.

  6. Annie

    This spoke to my heart. It actually exploded inside me. One of the people who posted a comment here on a previous post said she found a grain of epiphany when she reads your insights. I found the granary. Your heart for customer service and for service is a gift. Thank you for sharing. Finding you here is timely for me because I recently lamented the lack of customer service with certain companies I deal with and no longer wanted to reward them with my business. I want to focus on rewarding companies who provide not only a needed product but provide it with great customer service. And at the same time be mindful of my own customers. Many of which are my internal co-workers and management. But not just in business-in all of life. So thank you and I will continue to get fed by your insights and thoughtful writings.

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