1. nechelle

    Thank you for posting this! you have provided some valuable and educational advice for people like myself interested in restaurant consulting.

  2. Merrill D'Arezzo

    Hi, I am a current journalism grad student at Northwestern University. I am writing an article due Friday and was hoping I could ask one question. In your opinion, what is the most important thing an older restaurant should keep in mind while striving to propel its business into the future and compete with newer, trendier restaurants? Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!


  3. Fola Bakare

    Hello Brooke,

    Thank you for posting this.
    I have been working training front and back of house staff in restaurants, bars and pubs around the UK for several years now. I feel it is time for me to use that experience in a consultancy.

    The block that I have is with getting started. This article has helped.

    I hope it is not too forward of me if I return here and post the odd question.


  4. Natasja Erskine

    Hi Brooke,

    I am an aspiring restaurant consultant and is in the process of researching as much as possible. Restaurants has been my life for the last 16 years – and I have had the pleasure of being part of countless restaurant environments.

    After researching similar services, I have found that there’s not many, if any such services in Cape Town (where I live), South Africa. I believe I can take this gap in the market by storm.

    My current challenge is training manuals / material. Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated!
    I look forward to hearing from you, kindly reply to my email address provided.

    Kind Regards

  5. Pietro Fanzo

    Loved the “Consulting” article. I have just started researching what would be involved to be a restaurant Consultant. I am a retired Chef, and had my own successful Italian Trattoria which is still around after 24 Years. I organised and enjoyed 5 very successful Food, Wine and Culture Tours to Sicily, Italy and France during that time, and have helped many friends and acquaintances to ‘Fix’ problems at Food establishments. I am 52 and would love to do this professionally in Ontario, Canada where I live, but feel Professional Training is Required. I have been out of the Restaurant now for 4 Years, and am fairly comfortable financially but miss the Restaurant environment and feel I can Help new Operators. I would be interested in any course materail or information Please and keep up the Great Articles Thanks

  6. anna

    this dude is to ethereal, get to the point, its all about hard work and a concept.
    then the management kicks in

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  9. Billa

    Here I am simply researching becoming a consultant and your article appears. I found it very informative and did nothing but motivate me more on becoming a consultant. I am a 14 year veteran for BOH. I have had the opportunity to open 4 restaurants during my career. I know this can work. I am proof. I was originally in retail security at management level. During 2001 9/11 era my store was closed and could not secure another position because of the economy. I had to consider another type of employment to ensure the bills would be paid.. I was hired as a dishwasher and finally told the chef at the moment i wanted to learn how cook to the industries standards. 13 years later im a kitchen manager/sous chef. Thanks for the information.

  10. Janet Boyd

    I just launched my new company
    Phoenix restaurant rescue
    I am just networking but wonder how to proceed and get a paying gig
    Lots of questions for you

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