1. The Domestic Diva

    I LOVE Zuni Cafe – one of my Fav SF restaurants (including Bix, Picco's & Coi). My brother is a chef and works with Bruce Hill up there and sent me to Zuni for lunch last year. Thanks for posting this recipe that they're so famous for! Also, I write a Los Angeles-based food and cooking blog called Domestic Divas if you're ever interested in checking it out!



  2. Steve

    After Pollo a la Brasa on 8th & Western, there is no better chicken than Zuni's. When the fat from the chicken drains into the bread salad, it is pure magic.

  3. AnticiPlate

    I am making this on Tuesday! Found your site because I googled this specific recipe. I am so anxious to try it!
    Beautiful pictures and site!

  4. AnticiPlate

    So! I made this, and it was lovely. I actually linked back to your blog because you have written the recipe so beautifully and I figured why butcher it. I thought the bread salad was good but needed less bread and more greens and pine nuts, scallions, and currants. I will change that for next time:)

  5. Kasey

    I just went to the Zuni Cafe (wrote a review on my blog) and nearly died when I ate this chicken. My fiance has told me that the next time we buy a whole chicken, we absolutely must make this. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  6. I recently had this meal at the zuni cafe. I liked it so much it’s what we’re doing for Thanksgiving. I’m adding diced butternut squash to the bread salad. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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