1. 12/23/2010

    Since I just found out about restaurant Christmas, can I celebrate both holidays this year? :) We are keeping things very low-key this year. We just want to relax and enjoy the season. Merry restaurant Christmas to you!

  2. 12/23/2010

    You may regret posting this if we all decide it’s a wonderful idea to push Christmas to January 25th.

    All the best in the New Year,


    • Food Woolf

      Excellent point. But I wouldn’t mind a few more joiners on this thing. :) Happy Holidays Joan!

  3. i love the idea of restaurant christmas. your post takes me back to the time when i worked retail, and after college i worked as an ecommerce manager for a handbag company. the holidays were always so busy and frantic. i wish i had created “retail christmas.”

    love this post brooke. happy holidays!

  4. I’ve been reading your blog since Gaby introduced us at BlogHer Food but somehow I’ve never caught your service 101 posts – these are awesome. Happy holidays!

  5. 12/25/2010

    merry Christmas! i totally agree with you. this Christmas is almost like a name sake one.everyone is so busy that they don’t even remember to enjoy. i hope i can enjoy restaurant Christmas too.

  6. […] one thing from winter to-do list, which is to get the hell out of dodge. It’s sort of like Restaurant Christmas, except we don’t run a restaurant. We just need a break from winter, from the stresses of the […]

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