1. I agree with the sweating. Makes all the difference. I’ve tried rinds in my soups, but never in my stock. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Amanda

    Fun trick! I would never have thought of that! :)

  3. 3/29/2012

    The parm rinds are genius. Honestly I always hate to throw them away, now I know what to do with them thanks to you!! Love that this is also an option for the meatless folks out there.

  4. Elizabeth

    I don ‘t get uptight about this kind of thing anymore (I happily use rind in my soup when I have it; I even keep rinds in the freezer for this very purpose). BUT, authentic Parmesan Reggiano is required by law to be made with calf rennet. A strict vegetarian wouldn’t use this cheese.

    Just something to be aware of , particularly if you are avoiding meat for ethical or religious reasons.

  5. I’ll fess up to being a stock opportunist. I collect bones in my freezer — chicken, lamb, whatever — and throw them all together in the pressure cooker. No vegetables, no aromatics, no nothing. I just want that meaty mouthfeel. Heresy, I know.

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