1. 11/29/2012

    Thank you for hitting the publish button, and for being one of the best blog voices out there. Really enjoy spending time in your corner of the world.

  2. 11/29/2012

    Congratulations!! And, thank you for all you contribute to the fascinating world of Food!

    • 11/29/2012

      Thank you Janet. I’m so happy to be a contributor!

  3. 11/29/2012

    Happy anniversary, Brooke. It has been a pleasure, an honor and an inspiration to get to know you and to watch your voice, and your new career, develop.

  4. 11/29/2012

    Happy Anniversary! It sounds like your blog has been a blessing in helping you discover different parts of yourself. And, through the journey, you’ve found your voice and inspired countless others in the process. That fact alone seems like a wonderful anniversary gift in itself :] Looking forward to seeing where else it takes you!

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary, Brooke! What a wonderful piece on life changes. I can’t forget the valuable lessons I learned from you at the Big Summer Potluck last July. Everyday, I tell myself to “be mindful”. It has made a difference in all I do. Thanks again and I wish you many more Happy Anniversaries & wonderful milestones !

  6. 11/30/2012

    Congratulations on your anniversary! So glad you took that first step and for all your lovely writing since.

  7. 11/30/2012

    I am new here, but I love your blog already! Happy anniversary!

  8. Congratulations on 5 years! I too have noticed dramatic changes in my life because of blogging, and I can’t imagine a better community to be part of.

    • 12/2/2012

      thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad we found this artform/platform!

    • 12/2/2012

      Thank you so much Sally! I’m so happy to hear that something so cathartic for me can help others!

  9. 12/3/2012

    Congrats! It’s neat to hear the journey you’ve been on and how your site/blog has changed with you. What do you get for your 5 year gift?!?

  10. 12/13/2012

    Hi Brooke,

    Congratulations on your blog’s 5th year (wooden) anniversary! Similar to wood, the blog seems strong and durable, standing the test of time. You must feel such a sense of accomplishment creating and sharing information that will benefit many in the food industry and those who are interested in all culinary matters.

    As so many continue searching for their voice, I’m glad that you found yours. We’ll continue to benefit from ‘listening’ to you.

    Also, I wish you continued success in your restaurant consulting role. I’m glad that you emphasize ‘service’ because too many folks forget how important the simple amenities are to ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

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