1. 2/9/2010

    Well said, and thoroughly good advice!


  2. You know I have made it a special practice not to go dining out on these special days. Everyone is quite frankly stressed, the guests, as well as everyone in the restaurant. The times I have done it, have been to local places, where I have a long standing relationship with the estabilishment, then I book as late as possible. I love that you were brave enough to suggest we should stay in and cook for ourselves.

  3. Love the photo of the couple in red hats! I totally agree that holiday’s are best for cooking at home, for us because it’s cheaper!

  4. 2/10/2010

    By and large the food served on major holidays is rarely as good as it is on non-holidays, and I agree, the high expectations of diners — especially those who don’t often eat out — almost guarantee the meal won’t result in wild happiness.

    Lisa of BehindTheKnife.com

  5. I never, ever, go out to eat on holidays for the very reasons you detailed. Then again, for years I was in the kitchen on those days and know exactly how hard it is to please everyone. In my opinion, Mother’s Day is the worst. People who rarely dine, out go out on Mother’s Day. Everyone wants Mom to be happy, right? Expectations are unreasonable. It’s a recipe for disaster.
    I agree, stay home and cook for the people you love.

  6. Awesome shot of the red baseball cap couple – I hope that’s who Dan and I become in 40 years. And I’ll still be cooking him homemade meals for every major holiday (or going to White Castle – I kid, I kid!).

  7. 2/10/2010

    Spot on advice. My husband works in hospitality and we never go out on Valentine’s Day. Instead we make it a point to go out to a new (to us) restaurant a few days before or after the “holiday” when the restaurant isn’t busy, the server has plenty of time for us, and we can linger guilt-free.

    I’m also happy with a box of chocolates twice as large because he bought them the day after Valentine’s Day.

  8. 2/10/2010

    Yep, I’m with Stacy. Owen and I never celebrate right on Valentine’s Day. We’ve learned the hard way. We also noticed how they cram in more tables on that day, and we got tired of being elbow-to-elbow while diners murmured their sweet nothings.

  9. We take your advice one step farther and don’t celebrate it at all. I mean, I love my huband and all, but is it really any of Hallmark’s business? Is there a Scrooge equivalent for Valentine’s Day?

    I must say, though, that if I did celebrate, I’d take your advice. Unless, of course, I could be guaranteed that you would be my server, in which case we’d go out, because I just know that you’d make it all worth it.

  10. All good points. I have too often been disappointed on Valentine’s Day, but I remember one time being in NYC and dining out with another business traveler, and we both forgot it was Valentine’s Day. Ended up in some posh restaurant and had a great time. This year it is brunch at a tried and true local restaurant that never serves a bad meal, but I also know it won’t be sensational (in the food blogger’s world), but that’s okay. I need a cooking break. I hope you have a great day and make a lot of money this weekend.

  11. 2/11/2010

    all fantastic points! For me its even easier to not go out on V-Day because the boyfriend doesn’t believe in the holiday anyway and the NBA all stars game is on. haha. lucky me :) But I hope you get JUMBO tips this weekend!!!

  12. 2/12/2010

    I have always believed this to be true and as someone who loves to cook I find these holidays a perfect time to cook for the ones I love!

  13. 2/12/2010

    Fabulous post! I always look forward to cooking Valentine’s Day dinner. Plus, if there’s any way to show your loved ones you love them, it’s by filling their bellies!

  14. 4/8/2010

    Oh – I would love not to go out on Valentines Day – However, I just don’t want the in-laws in my house. LOL I’d rather spend the money, and go out – they still trust my recommendations for dinner – and then 2 hours I am done. Again – very nice post.

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