1. My shopping list looks almost identical when I need to have some staples in the house. One thing I always have on hand is good organic butter. If I’m out of butter, things have surly gone awry!

  2. 10/2/2012

    LOVE this list Brooke, our is quite similar. Tough ~ but doable to eat right even when you are in a constant time crunch!

  3. 10/2/2012

    My list is v similar to yours – although I don’t see bread- always good for grilled cheese sandwiches and lunch boxes… love kale but would need some lettuce in there too

  4. 10/2/2012

    Ha, my fridge looks like a cold plastic shelving unit right now too! I’ve found as my schedule has gotten more hectic between baby, work and bike training schedule I haven’t been able to make it to the market or farmer’s market with any regularity. So I’ve signed up for a farm box (from FarmBoxLA), full of goodies from the Hollywood Farmers’ Market and also includes eggs. Combine the veggies with pantry ingredients like polenta, pasta, barley or farro, some quality cheese–I always have Parm or Pecorino Romano on hand–nuts and spices and there are a million meals I can make, from soups to salads to veggie-centered entrees. I also try to keep some bacon on hand to add some deeper flavor to dishes, and then I just need to pick up milk and occasional proteins like fish or pork or a whole chicken. I miss my market rituals, but find we’re still eating quite well!

  5. Mine’s really similar to yours too, but instead of a whole chicken I’ll often just buy a package of thighs and a few sausages – things that can be braised down, tossed with veg and grains, and reheated easily. My husband eats so many meals at work that I’ve had to start cooking with the eventual microwave nuke in mind!

  6. My simple shopping list is pretty similar. Mine always has:
    – Milk
    – Eggs
    – Cottage cheese
    – Yogurt
    – Fruit and veggies
    – Hummus
    – Cheese
    – Bars of dark chocolate
    – Sandwich bread
    – Sliced meat

    • 10/4/2012

      Allison, you and my husband share the same exact list! He loves having sliced meat and cheese on hand for bread-less sandwiches and snacks!

  7. 10/9/2012

    I really loved this. My list is quite similar to yours, though I’d swap in tofu for the chicken (I’m a vegetarian!), add some chard and spinach in addition to the kale, and load up on quinoa and dried white beans. Also: organic bananas, veggie burgers, loaf good hearty whole wheat/grain bread, mushrooms, cauliflower (my true love).

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  9. 10/22/2012

    I love your shopping list. This is definitely how I roll when I’m not bogged down with recipe testing.

  10. 10/30/2012

    I don’t know why I found so much pleasure in reading your shopping list, but I did. In college, I used to collect shopping lists because I lived near a run-down grocery and the lists would blow through the parking lot. And they were so telling. Like character sketches. Here’s what’s on my list these days:
    Soft cheese
    Dark chocolate
    Manna bread
    Snow peas
    Frozen raspberries
    Oaty biscuits
    Black licorice

    • 10/31/2012

      Thanks for the list. I love yours! I think it’s so cool to see your oaty biscuits and black licorice on there! You are such a sophisticate!

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