Wishes Come True

Be careful what you wish for. Because if you really, really want something, you may actually get it.

For me, the big it I was wishing for had a lot to do with work. Back when I started this blog, my work in service excited me, but I could only see myself going so far as a server/bartender. So, after a couple of years of thinking about how I could expand my world in service, I dreamed big and started my own business as a service consultant. That choice to take a chance on the work I loved had me heading in the right direction of my aspirations.

The more I worked as a teacher of service, the more I discovered I needed to learn. I became a student of the masters of great service. I read lots of books. I took courses. I honed my craft and longed for alliances with like minded individuals. I began heaping finer points onto my wish: I want to be part of something bigger than myself.

My dream for living a life of service had me wishing for a job within a restaurant group–a collective of restaurants that felt approachable, served really great food (the kind of food I could get super excited about), offered incredible service, and employed big-hearted people who understood what it takes to create a comfortable environment for its customers and employees.

For a while there, I thought the only way I could have the kind of life I was dreaming of would require a drastic change in scenery, a move across country, and a complete overhaul of my life.  Either that, or a lot of consulting gigs that could keep me busy enough to pay my bills and give me a little bits of what I was looking for in different locations.

Turns out, the life I’ve always wanted to live doesn’t require a moving truck or a major remodeling.

Wishes are coming true for me right here in Los Angeles.

The day I finished a great consulting job in Rancho Cucamonga, I started thinking to myself about my dreams of living a life of service. I started day dreaming about what would come next. For a moment, I worried how long it would take for me to find my next client.

And then, I checked my e-mailbox.

Within 48 hours, a whole new chapter in my professional life began. After almost a year of dreaming of becoming part of a small restaurant family, I have been given the opportunity to help run a small, 20+ seat bakery and pizzeria in Santa Monica. Though this is something of a departure from my consulting work, it is a pleasure to know I now have a full time home within a small, four-restaurant family known for their great baked goods, incredible market-fresh menus, heart-felt service, and a dedication to serving the community.

I couldn’t be happier.

But, for the record, making a dream reality, requires a whole lot of care and maintenance (maybe more than you could have ever imagined) to keep them alive and well.

If you dare to dream big enough, be ready for a lot of work.


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Brooke Burton is an Los Angeles-based restaurant professional and hospitality expert. She is a freelance food writer, speaker, and co-author of The Food Blog Code of Ethics.


  1. December 12

    good for you, Brooke! You always seem to be the one who visualizes, mediatates, and ultimately ends up with your wish. Maybe you should be teaching that on the side! Would love to meet you for a pizza – anytime! xx

  2. Karen
    December 12


  3. December 12

    Welcome back and Woo Hoo! Love that you are working for this particular family – they are amazing and hoping it’s a great fit for you.

  4. I’m quite a advocate of believing in your dreams and I’m so happy that you are moving toward yours. You are an inspiration to all of us who aren’t there yet, but have a vision.

    Best of luck in your new endeavor, but I so hope that you will continue to write your beautiful posts.

  5. December 13

    Yay Yay YAY!!!! SO excited for you Brooke. Don’t you love it when God starts a new chapter in our life? Thrilled that the desires of your heart are being met.

  6. December 14

    Brooke, I am so excited for you friend! I love seeing great folks like you run after dreams & catch them mid-air! Can’t wait to hear all of your new stories. What a great holiday blessing 🙂 XXOO

  7. December 14

    Yes! I’m blown away, actually. I didn’t realize how busy God wanted me to get! 🙂

  8. Mazel Tov, as they say in the old country! I couldn’t be happier for you. Or for them — to have you at the critical place where the baked goods meet the customers is a wonderful thing.

    • December 15

      Thanks Tamar! The work is definitely pushing me into new and profound places in service. Hope you come visit some day!

  9. […] the world included a very busy year in my work of opening restaurants. Some of my clients included Milo and Olive, Karen Hatfield’s Sycamore Kitchen, and the artisanal hot dog stand of Neal Fraser, Fritzi Dog. […]

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