1. 8/12/2012

    I love the idea of a gratitude list–to be able to have a visual reminder of what you love about your job and to see areas that you can best serve. I’ve had a lot of jobs that some might consider menial, food jobs included, and it can be hard to be grateful when you’re elbows deep emptying a grease trap. But, recognizing how what you do serves others and seeing where you can best be of service is humbling and can completely alter your perspective. When I worked at a coffee shop making minimum wage after college, some of my coworkers were bitter about where they worked so it was hard to stay positive. I knew I wasn’t saving lives, but I reminded myself each shift that I was often the first person customers saw when they left their house each morning. I tried to give folks a good start to their day, even if it was as simple as being empathetic to the fact that they were probably crabby because they weren’t yet caffeinated :] Every job has its purpose and every employee has a perspective. Thanks for the reminder to keep mine in check!

  2. You’re absolutely right… we should all do this. I love how you can see the beauty in everything you do. It’s truly inspiring.

  3. 8/13/2012

    Love love this post. The service industry certainly is its own animal, but I love that every day is different, that people who work by my side in restaurants are weird and smart and hard working and inspiring, and that I have a freedom and beauty in my day to day that would be hard come by in a traditional office. Your writing always brings me back to square one, thank you!

    • 8/16/2012

      Thank you Ruthy for your words. Nice to know a sister in the business appreciates my words! Have a great service!

  4. 8/16/2012

    thanks for sharing what you’re thankful for. It is often that we only hear the ugly side of the restaurant biz. I used to manage one and miss it for a lot of the reasons you mentioned!

  5. 8/18/2012

    I’m so glad to have found your blog. Thank you for the refreshing reminders to be grateful and mindful. I’ll definitely be following your work.

  6. 8/23/2012

    The beauty, and pleasure, is in the details. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

  7. 9/15/2012

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  8. 9/25/2012

    This post just shows how passionate you are in your work! A rare find, nowadays.
    I love it when you said, “Because repetition of a simple act can bring mastery.”
    Most people do give up in the beginning because it’s such a new and challenging task to overcome. But just practicing a skill everyday is the key to becoming better.

    • 9/25/2012

      Thanks for the support Yuli! It’s nice to get such great feedback from someone in the business!

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