Service 101

Service 101 is a¬†collection of essays I’ve written that explore¬†what it takes to run a successful food business, issues of service, and the challenges of living a life of hospitality. Service 101 is where I dig deep, ask hard questions of myself and others, and write about what I think it takes to make the world a better place–one service experience at a time.

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  1. Some Old Guy
    August 27

    Nice series. I found myself here by accident, then got engrossed. I have a background in food service, having worked in the kitchen, and out front. Of course that was decades ago, and I’ve moved on to other things that interest me. It would be great if this series of articles were made mandatory reading in schools. Or, something similar, anyway.

    Oh – how did I get here? Uber is in the news, for formalizing a tipping system for it’s drivers. Tipping. One of America’s greater sins, IMHO. All of those people who are exempted from minimum wage laws represent sin on the part of legislators around the nation. Wait staff should be payed a lving salary, and that cost should be reflected in the prices on the menu.

    I hate tipping. Sometimes, I’m unsure what is reasonable. There have been times that I simply didn’t have a “reasonable” tip in my pocket. And, the wait staff may have entirely different ideas about what is “reasonable”.

    It’s time the labor boards put an end to tipping, and require that employers pay employees what they are worth.

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